Preparing For Christmas Or For Solstice?

By | December 4, 2022 | 0 Comments

Balenciaga publishes ad showing small children in bondage gear.
Kim Kardashian appears with 9-year-old daughter in leather mask covering child’s face.
• Schools, libraries hold Drag Queen Story Hour for primary school children, who also attend classes on gender identity.

As we prepare for Christmas, which is primarily a children’s holiday, we put up trees and decorations and buy presents. But others are also preparing for their holiday, the Winter Solstice. And they are also preparing to honor their god.

is it Gaia, the earth goddess? It is Baal? Or perhaps Moloch? You know, the one that demands child sacrifice. We thought we were finished with them centuries ago. We were wrong. When the God of the Bible is deleted, He is replaced not with atheism but with paganism. And that is not a pleasant prospect.



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