Mourn Dead Predator? I Don’t Think So

By | December 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

Email from my City Council member:
Yesterday, Los Angeles lost one of its most beloved, P-22. He leaves behind a legacy of inspiration for activism and investments for California’s wildlife, but also leaves many hearts across the City heavy. Tonight, we invite you to celebrate his memory in community with a sunset memorial hike in Griffith Park.”

P-22 was a mountain lion who should have been relocated to the forest, but instead roamed city streets attacking dogs and frightening children.

When we stop worshiping the God who created nature, we worship nature itself. We worship Gaia the earth goddess. We worship Thor the weather god. We worship animals, from the biblical golden calf to P-22 the mountain lion.

No wonder we’re in a mess. These false gods make no moral demands on us.

P-22 was satisfied when he got a large dog to eat. He never demanded that we not murder or steal.  He couldn’t care less whether we murdered or stole. How effortless for the lazy. How undemanding for the apathetic. How nonjudgmental for the amoral. But how destructive for a civilization.

P-22 is dead. But my God lives. Sorry about yours.

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