Delete Christmas? Then What Takes Its Place?

By | December 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

This isn’t the first time that totalitarians tried to ban Christmas. The communists did, and still do in Castro’s Cuba. Most Christmas ornaments are made in China – but are not allowed to be used there. The Nazis replaced Christmas with Julfest, a pagan winter Yule festival. Totalitarians can’t tolerate any Authority higher than themselves. A former conscript in the Nazi SS recalled that he was forced to celebrate not Christmas, but a counterfeit winter holiday concocted by the Nazis:

On Christmas Eve, there was a celebration, not a Christian one, but a pagan German “Julfest.” We were all together and had to sing some trash about the night of the clear stars and other sad substitutes for the true Christmas message.

Those who want to eradicate all signs of our Judeo-Christian heritage imagine that this will lead to a tolerant, secular nation. But the 20th century proved that secular nations can turn out to be anything but tolerant. If you doubt this, study the history of Nazism and communism.

And then tell me if you really believe getting rid of Christmas is a good thing. It is said that nature abhors a vacuum. So do tyrants, and they are all too eager to fill it. Those who remove Christmas vacation and replace it with winter break are creating a vacuum. Best be careful who fills it.

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