A Matter Of Definiton

By | January 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

“A botched abortion is the birth of a child.”– Larry O’Connor

Sometimes it is difficult, or politically incorrect, or un-woke, to define what something is. Note the difficulty some people have in defining “woman.” But difficult or not, it is necessary.

No matter what pro-choice activists say, a botched abortion is the birth of a human being.

No matter what the military-industrial complex wants in Ukraine, poking a nuclear-armed Russian bear with a stick is dangerous.

No matter what trans activists say, removing the normal breasts of a teen or blocking puberty is life-altering mutilation.

No matter what Biden or Yellen say, trillion-dollar deficits fuel inflation and rob the working and middle classes.

No matter what anti-gun activists say, overly strict gun control affects the law-abiding more than it affects criminals, making the net effect harmful.

Solving serious problems is difficult enough without the added difficulty of confusing terminology.


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