It’s Not Just A Car, It’s Your Freedom

By | February 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

Years ago GM ran a TV ad stating, “It’s Not Just A Car, It’s Your Freedom.” At the time I found it a bit pretentious. But now I agree. Surveys show that fewer teens and even people in their 20s have a driver’s license. They not only don’t own a car, they can’t even drive another’s vehicle.

This pleases environmental activists, who dislike all privately owned vehicles. And it pleases would-be tyrants, who dislike people being able to go where they want. But I repeat myself.

Young people spend more time on the internet dealing with internet friends rather than real friends. They spend more time on video games rather than real adventures. They remain in a childish state, less interested in maturing, less eager to be independent, less devoted to freedom. This is not good news.

[Thanks to Dennis Prager for the idea.]


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