Racism Reduced To An Absurdity

By | February 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Black communist activist Angela Davis revealed to have White ancestor who arrived on Mayflower. Does this mean that her share of reparations must be reduced? Does this mean she would be less eligible for preferential treatment?

• 23andMe reports that I am 95% Eastern European, but I am also less than 1% Native American. Does this mean I get a small share of reparations? Does this mean I am eligible for a bit of preferential treatment?

In logic, one way to refute an argument is to follow it to its absurd implications. But here there is no need. Its proponents have already done this for us. They have already reduced racist thinking to an absurdity. But of course, this will not deter them in the least. Logic is not their long suit.

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