Are They Intentionally Making Things Worse?

By | March 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Dan Bongino, formerly of Secret Service Presidential Detail, is worried about Trump’s physical safety. For 6 years leftists have portrayed Trump as some sort of devil. But they’re the ones who politicized the FBI, arrested MAGA people. They’re the ones who insult the South by renaming military bases.

US was the only nation that named military bases for former rebels. Now leftists renaming them, starting with Fort Pickett. Why undo what Lincoln started, binding up the wounds of Civil War?

The US has more guns than people, most of them in red states that voted twice for Trump. I don’t know what will happen if Trump is arrested, much less physically harmed. But leftists don’t know, either. Yet they seem willing to find out. I pray they don’t.

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