I’ll Get Up To Watch The Coronation

By | May 5, 2023 | 0 Comments

I intend to get up at 2 am PDT Saturday to watch the coronation of King Charles III. I am not a fan of Charles the man, with his environmentalism and other woke beliefs. But I am a fan of the institution. Even more, I am a fan of traditions.

Traditions are important. They help us carry on when it is easier, or safer, to quit. People who have been deprived of their history and traditions are unlikely to survive as a nation in times of danger. To me, this would be a tragedy. But to those who have been erasing American history and traditions, whether we survive as a nation is a matter of indifference.

If people say, “God save the king!” they may not mean it with a whole heart. But at least they are reminded that there is a God, and we need to work harder to deserve His favor. The king does not place the crown on his own head – the archbishop crowns him. People are reminded that there is something above the state, an idea that would-be tyrants find intolerable. If for no other reason, I’ll watch the coronation.

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