Assisted Suicide For Homeless?

By | May 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Report: 28% of Canadians favor assisted suicide for the homeless. Homeless die every day of overdoses, disease, homicide, exposure. But that’s not  enough for “compassionate” and “progressive” Canadians, who want to hurry the homeless on their way out of this world. And we are already seeing how “assisted” easily becomes “suggested” and then “encouraged” suicide.

We accepted assisted suicide for incurable diseases. Now we accept it for curable social problems. What’s next? There will inevitably be a next. What’s that music I hear in the distance? It’s getting closer. Isn’t that an old Nazi marching song? Rousing, isn’t it? A real toe-tapper. If we’re not careful, we’ll join in. In our search for the solution to the homelessness problem, let us take care that it is not the Final Solution.

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