Stating The Obvious

By | May 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Sometimes it takes courage to state the obvious. Sometimes it takes clarity to cut through the leftist smokescreen.¬† This is such a time. Here is Kurt Schlichter’s view of the obvious:
“Yet all these institutions still demand the respect that they had back when they were non-political and were dedicated to their actual purposes. The military was about fighting our enemies. The justice system was about prosecuting criminals. The NFL was about football. The beer companies were about providing refreshment to dudes who did not pretend to be chicks.”

Leftism is not a separate entity. Leftism permeates all other entities, deleting their individual purposes and substituting leftist goals. If these organizations hope to regain our trust, they must purge themselves of leftism, or we will create our own organizations with their original purposes.

For example, the American Medical Association will advance the science of medicine, not advise us to remove “sex” from birth certificates. The NFL will regulate professional football, not let the National Anthem become a sounding board for the cause of the week. Brewers will pour beer down our throats, not woke ideas we find repulsive. In short, people will again do their jobs, and cease being stooges for leftism. Sound like a plan?

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