Bike Woman Has Receipt

By | May 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

Report: 6-mos pregnant White nurse finishes 12-hr shift at Bellevue, rents bike, but young Black man claims he rented it. She is forced to rent another, is accused of stealing bike, vilified as racist, put on leave by hospital. If true she will get huge defamation settlement. In my day we stood with woman, especially nurse, especially pregnant woman. Now they stand with her accuser. But she has the receipt.

This is similar to young man who stopped thug from threatening people on subway. Our moral compass now points south, favors the violent and the dishonest, comes down hard on the law abiding and public spirited. How destructive is that? But it can’t last. Before long there will be no more public-spirited people.

Hospitals will make do with foreign-trained nurses who barely speak English. Subway riders will have no  one to protect them Рno cops, no courageous veterans, only sheep with cell phones to video their apathy. Welcome to our woke future.

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