Leftist Non-Sequiturs

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• Fidel Castro killed about 100,000 political opponents. He got rid of Batista.
Capitalism is the only method of creating wealth that works. Scandinavians are the happiest people.
The American flag was flown by those who freed the slaves and freed Europe from Nazism and fascism. Some people see it as a symbol of oppression.
Our Constitution is a bastion against tyranny. It was written by White men.
Sex classes for kindergarten through 3rd grade are wrong morally and psychologically. Young children can have crushes.

Leftists are not taught to argue the pros and cons of a question. They are taught to insult their opponents (“basket of deplorables”) and reply with non sequiturs. In fact, leftism is itself a non sequitur. It is a non-answer to humanity’s real problems.

THAT JUST DOESN'T FOLLOW | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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