“Trump Protection Detail Too Small”

By | June 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

Trump indicted in NYC and Miami, perhaps will be in Georgia also. He will be kept running back and forth – that is, exposed. Former Secret Service Presidential Protection agent Dan Bongino: Trump’s security detail is far too small for the risk he runs. Coincidence? Accident? The Biden administration is sowing the wind. We all will reap the whirlwind if Trump is harmed. No one – least of all Biden – can predict how destructive that hurricane might be. But I would guess Category 5.

Of course, if the worst happens and Trump is harmed, the administration will not spend one second in self-examination. Instead, they will slough off all guilt and blame lax gun-control laws. Captive media already mentioned Florida’s carry laws. If effect, they are preparing the excuse before the crime is committed. Oh yes, it will all be the fault of the NRA and Gov. DeSantis. How convenient for those lacking a conscience.

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