Math, Reading, History Scores Fall…Again

By | June 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Middle school math, reading, and history scores continue to fall Math scored are lowest since 1970s when records were first kept. Of course, Covid is blamed. But 1) decline predated Covid and continues after it. And 2) Covid didn’t close schools, politicians did. Sweden never closed schools or locked down.

No, our schools aren’t teaching math, reading, or history because they are no longer our schools, They belong to progressive politicians and teachers’ unions, but I repeat myself. Plenty of time and resources to teach the virtues of socialism, vegetarianism, climate activism, gender confusion, and woke ideology. But math, reading, and history, which kids need to be informed citizens and to find good jobs? Sorry, no time for all that. It’s just White supremacy anyhow.

Solution: Establish actual schools or home school.

American Middle School Reading and Math Scores Drop Dramatically

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