Too Weak To Be Modern Republican? Impossible

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Kurt Schlichter:
“The rap on Tim Scott is that he is too nice to be a modern Republican, but that’s wrong – he’s too weak to be a modern Republican.”

I often agree with Schlichter, but not here. You CAN’T be too weak to be a modern Republican. There is nothing so progressive or so woke that they won’t support it. There is nothing so destructive of Judeo-Christian or American values that they won’t enable it. There is nothing so self-undermining that they won’t pursue it.

My view of modern Republicans is Teddy Roosevelt’s view of Taft: They mean well…feebly. That’s why they are so afraid and envious of Trump. Whatever he does, right or wrong, he never does it feebly. He’s like Teddy that way.

Like Teddy, Trump was born in New York City but is more comfortable elsewhere. Both were born to wealth but are seen as enemies of their social class. Both were well educated but are more at ease with ordinary people. Both seem aggressive but started no wars when in office, and on the contrary excelled at making peace.

The differences are not in them but in us. In Teddy’s day opponents were satisfied with campaigning for the other guy. Today opponents seek to put Trump in prison. An introspective person would try to understand what has changed in us. But most people would sip their Bud Light and enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s. No need to cause trouble. That sentiment would be strenuously opposed by both Teddy and Donald. Yes, they really are quite similar.

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