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We need a massive hiring of police and we need the police on the streets. Sorry Chief. Parking empty Cop Cars on La Brea, Rossmore, Melrose and Wilshire, is not fixing the problem. Hancock Park is turning into Little Compton. Trash everywhere, broken glass on sidewalks, so you can walk your Dogs, Taggers are spray painting everything, shops going out of business because they cant make it back from armed robberies and smash and grabs, people being mugged in broad daylight, catalytic converters being stolen daily, cars being broken into hourly, Last night I walked to the Improv and saw 20 homeless people on the side walk, one was smoking crack with a glass pipe, My $50,000 GMC pickup was stolen out of my driveway and found in Azuza, stripped 3 weeks later, My neighbor caught a kid attempting to steel my new GMC Truck, punching the lock out of the door, but he took off in his partners car, waiting down the block, there was a thrill killer on La brea that killed a woman, working in a shop by stabbing her to death and he didnt take anything, I saw a BMW on cinderblocks with its rims and tires gone, i witnessed the Mac on Melrose get looted and the set on fire. Pan handlers on Highland and melrose begging for money, as their job daily and assaulting people passing by….this is just off the top of my head. I have lived here for 30 years and it was never like this, not even close.

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