Woman Beaten With Own Cane 50 Times In NYC Subway

By | September 6, 2023 | 0 Comments

Male (NOT man) Beats 60-year-old woman 50 times with her own cane in NYC subway. The NYC transit system had its own police force to protect the 5.6 million daily riders. But it was absorbed by the NYPD, which has no special loyalty to the transit system. This + progressive DA = rampant subway crime.

A male beating an elderly woman with her own cane is not just incompatible with safe travel, it is incompatible with civilization itself. Before we lose what we still have left of our civilization, we must act NOW. Possibilities: 1) Restore Transit Cops. 2) Hold NYPD responsible. 3) Install actual DA. 4) Call Colonel Colt. He knows what to do, he’s had the experience.

Attacker pummels 60-year-old woman in NYC subway 50 times over 2 minutes with her own cane in shocking, caught-on-video beating

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