NYC Schools: “My Worst Nightmare”

By | September 9, 2023 | 0 Comments

NYC schools inundated by chaotic deluge of illegal aliens.Mayor Eric Adams calls it a “nghtmare.” Wrong. A nightmare is a bad dream. This debacle is no dream, but a sad reality that was planned by those who supported open borders and made NYC a “sanctuary city” for immigrants, but did virtually nothing to prepare the schools and health-care system for the deluge.

Feel those bumps? They are the good intentions paving the road to Hell we are racing along. Congratulations, progressives! You are intentionally wrecking NYC schools, which were recognized as among the best in the world. They educated my mother, a little girl who spoke only Russian, but wound up with a master’s degree. They educated my father, a teen who spoke only Polish but wound up with an MD. What an achievement to be proud of! Wreck the best!

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