Nike Closes Flagship Store

By | September 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Nike permanently closes flagship Portland OR store after mayor refuses request for off-duty police, apparently at Nike’s expense, to combat looting and assaults. This is often called “shoplifting.”

Wrong. If I conceal a pair of socks under my jacket and walk out without paying, this is shoplifting, a minor misdemeanor. But if I rush the store with a group of friends, smash display cases with a hammer, beat up employees, and leave with armloads of stuff, this is, at best, strong-arm robbery, s felony, or at worst assault with a deadly weapon, a more serious felony. A mayor or other official who facilitates this may be liable to charges of conspiracy or abetting the crime.

Threatening a person with a hammer is not a “minor property crime.” In many jurisdictions, going back to English Common Law, it justifies use of deadly force – i.e. a firearm – to resist it. You can’t build a civilization on a foundation of violent crime. You can tear one down, however – as we are now proving.


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