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I just heard 5 gunshots and NOT fireworks on Colgate Ave. near Fairfax 9/9. 2:10am.

I wanted to share this video, this is my daughters best friend apartment complex in Beverly Hills, CA . This man followed her from the store and some how got in the building. He walked around inside the complex for three hours, on her floor. She called the police and they never showed. If you listen to the video he clearly says, “yes but I can’t take her right now, they will hear”. Please share this video no one is taking this young lady seriously. Stay safe! And please share you location with someone you trust! It could save your life!

These posts are from a “nice” part of town. Coming soon to your neighborhood. Just keep electing do-nothing DAs and “defund the police” politicians.

Question: Why are many people more afraid of the IRS than of the police? Has shorting the tax man replaced ‘Thou shalt not murder” and “Thou shalt not steal,” because the almighty state replaced Almighty God? This is a rhetorical question. The answer is self-evident.

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