Left Blames Foreign Automakers – Rather Than Criminals – for Car Theft Surge

By | September 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

NY Times blames Korean automakers Kia and Hyundai, not criminals, for surge in auto thefts. Supposedly the immobilizers in these cars are easier to defeat than those in other cars, causing thefts to surge – but only in blue cities. How the political leanings of the city affect the anti-theft system is not explained.

Leftist dogma: Criminals are not responsible for their crimes. Somebody else is. Anybody else is. So don’t deter crime by punishing criminals. Instead punish anybody else. Question: Who is responsible if someone steals a load of New York Times? I dare you to consider the answer without smiling.


The Left Blames Foreign Automakers—Rather Than Criminals—for Car Theft Surge

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