Suicide Rate Nears All-Time High

By | September 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

The US suicide rates for both men and women nears their-all-time highs. What? Bidenomics hasn’t spread universal happiness? Rising food and energy prices haven’t spread contentment? Gender confusion hasn’t produced security? Biologic males stealing women’ sports medals hasn’t improved physical fitness? Telling women they must act like men and climb the career ladder hasn’t produced nirvana? Inability merely to define “woman” hasn’t caused stability? Has the deletion of God had no effect at all?

Back in the “awful” 1950s, when we had many problems, but at least we knew what a woman was, the US suicide rates for both men and women were at record lows. If we were so miserable then, why are we killing ourselves so much more often now? Dare we ask that question, or is it “disinformation”?

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