Turn On The Shredder, I’ve Got The Constitution Here

By | September 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Special Counsel Jack Smith asks judge to muzzle Trump from criticizing his investigation. Say you are arrested for aggravated mopery. You say, “These charges are fabrications.” No, that’s disinformation. You say, “My accuser is lying.” No, that’s defamation. So shut your mouth.

We revolted against King George III because of his disregard for individual rights. But no way would he ever presume to tell criminal defendants what they could say about the prosecution. Forbidding criticism of those accusing you is undermining the right to defend yourself.

Add arrest of the lawyers who defend you, and that right is out the window. You think the arrest of Trump’s lawyers wasn’t meant to chill all anti-regime activity? You think this Stalinesque move didn’t make lawyers hesitate to defend anyone with conservative opinions? Turn on the shredder. I’ve got this old piece of parchment here, but no one seems to want it anymore.


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