“San Francisco Hits Record Overdose Deaths”

By | September 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

At what point do you decide that a program or procedure is failing? When those who practice it fail to improve or advance? When those who practice it deteriorate or move backward? When those who practice it die?

No, not even then. Not even when those who practice it are dying at a record rate. Lax enforcement of drug laws, and open borders, result in record numbers of overdose deaths – especially among young people. But except for symbolic gestures, we do nothing. The cartels move their money in 18-wheelers and practice ruthless cruelty. There is little that cannot be accomplished with money and cruelty. The record number of overdose deaths in San Francisco and elsewhere attest to this sad fact.

Some years ago, Philippine President Duterte created a stir by executing over 1000 drug dealers. Now why did this historical fact come to mind just now?

San Francisco Hits Record Overdose Deaths

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