Public Schools Fulfill Their Mission

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Report: 40% of Baltimore public schools do not have a single student who is proficient in math at grade level. Possible responses:
1) Improve math instruction. Obvious but requires effort.
2) Lower math standards. Destructive and requires no effort.
3) Ignore the problem. Requires collusion of media, politicians, and teachers unions. Likely result.

So, you ask, how could I claim that the public schools are fulfilling their mission? You may be under the mistaken impression their mission is to produce informed, capable citizens. Oh no, you are living in the past.

The current mission of the public schools is to produce ill-informed young people – often minorities – who are not equipped to hold well-paying jobs that support a family, but instead depend on the government for income assistance. Nor are they equipped to think for themselves, but depend on the government for their political and social values. Painful truth.

Forty Percent Of Baltimore High Schools Don’t Have a Single Math-Proficient Student

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