Rapist Housed In Woman’s Prison

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Wisconsin is housing a biological male who raped his own 10-year-old daughter in a women’s prison. He claims to be a woman, and since progressives are unable to define the term “woman,” no one can contradict him.

And you thought it couldn’t get worse.

Prisons are called reformatories, where criminals can reform their lives. Or they are called penitentiaries, where sinners can repent. Of course, we hope punishment will deter other criminals. But subjecting woman prisoners to the risk of rape is far beyond any civilized concept of punishment. We reduce ourselves to the moral level of Saddam Hussein and General Tojo.

You believe God will not take His hand away from America? You believe this bad karma will not come back on us?

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson. He was referring to slavery, but biological males in women’s prisons fits quite nicely.

Confirmed: Man Who Raped His 10-Year-Old Daughter Housed With Female Prison Inmates

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