Braun Shavers Join Bud Light

By | September 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

Braun Shavers publishes ad showing its product being used by a trans male. The subject has mastectomy scars, where normal breasts were removed. And of course the use of a shaver implies that male hormones were administered to cause hair growth and deepening of the voice, which is irreversible.

Just because people are in business, you cannot assume anything. They may not have founded the business or done anything to improve it. They may have attained their positions by nepotism, or because they attended prestigious universities, where they were indoctrinated to regurgitate woke dogma. They may, in fact, push leftist doctrines to the detriment of the business it is their duty to further.

Their loyalties may be to Marx, not to the stockholders.

My mother had 4 brothers. They never finished high school, started with nothing but a work ethic, and built a successful business that bought 4 houses and sent all their kids to the university. The Bud Light-style executives, in contrast, have diplomas from elite universities and business schools, but succeed only in tearing down what others – people like my uncles – had built.

These people have calluses on their butts, not on their hands. Their idea of a work-related injury is a paper cut or hurt feelings. Their idea of stress is a coffee stain on their shirt before a staff meeting. Their idea of good business is being more woke than the competition.

I don’t drink, so I have no Bud Light to pour down the drain. But I did have a Braun shaver, which I already threw out because of minimal battery life. You do as you think best. It’s still a free country, barely.

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