CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid Closing 1500 stores.

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CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid announce closure of about 1500 stores over next 3 years. Yes, this is partly a cost-saving measure. During the lockdown that was blamed on Covid, business people learned to lay off thousands of employees and do business online. Now add defunded, demoralized police and do-nothing district attorneys, and we get mass shoplifting and looting.

With this toxic mixture, what did you expect? New stores opening? New businesses founded? Enthusiastic entrepreneurs? Generous investors? Or the precise opposite?

In Communist nations, truth is what the government says. The official paper was called Pravda, “truth.” It was not that they claimed to print objective truth. They denied the existence of objective truth. It was that what they printed was the truth.

So the people learned to deny what they saw with their own eyes. Stalin said there was a record grain harvest. They believed him, even as they stood in line for bread. And we believe the Biden regime when it claims that inflation has been controlled, even as food and fuel costs rise.

Girl Scout cookies are a symbol of this denial of reality. $5 last year. $6 this year. Pretend you don’t notice.

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