Law-Abiding, Harmless People? Kick Them Out!

By | September 29, 2023 | 0 Comments

After 15 years in US without difficulty, a German couple and their 5 eldest children were warned to expect deportation. They fled Germany because home schooling is illegal, and the public schools conflicted with their Christian beliefs.

Criminals, drug dealers, gun runners, human traffickers, people with infectious diseases, and assorted unknowns pour across the non-border by the tens of thousands. But this totally harmless, completely beneficial family is selected for deportation.

Why? To please whom? At whose orders? Perhaps being law-abiding people has become a negative discriminant: Has being productive and beneficial to our country become a reason to kick them out? At some point, stupidity crosses over into evil. We may be there now.

Romeike family

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