Call Conservatives Nazis But Can’t Recognize Real Nazis

By | October 1, 2023 | 0 Comments

Canadian House of Commons, led by their speaker and Prime Minister Trudeau, rises to honor 98-year-old Ukrainian World War II veteran Yaroslav Hunka. Only problem: He was a veteran of the Waffen-SS Ukrainian Division – that is, a Nazi.

Yes, the speaker resigned, and Trudeau apologized. But the real problem is this: When Trudeau called protesting truckers “Nazis,” and when Democrats call MAGA Republicans “Nazis,” they demonstrate total ignorance of Nazism. They are so busy defaming their political opponents that they cannot recognize real Nazis. And they are so busy playing politics that they themselves imitate Nazis – militarize FBI and police, control speech, muzzle opponents, proclaim what are acceptable opinions.

Can’t recognize a Nazi? Then you risk becoming one.

Praising a Nazi

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