Time To Make A Fist

By | October 1, 2023 | 0 Comments

Adjacent headlines:

It’s Time to Put Down Biden’s Dog

Katie Pavlich

The GOP Needs to Get Some of These Idiots Off Stage

Kurt Schlichter

I don’t agree with either headline. Biden’s biting German shepherd belongs on a farm or ranch, with room to run and fewer people. And the participants in the debate deserve to be heard. North Dakota Governor Doug Bergrum built a billion-dollar software company, and makes more sense than most members of Congress, although that is faint praise.

No, I’m posting these headlines not because I agree, but because they demonstrate a new toughness that was lacking in GOP leaders. Overcoming woke at home and enemies abroad won’t be accomplished with Mitt Romney-style gentlemen. It will require real scrappers. Glad to see signs of them approaching.

Sometimes it requires an open hand ready to shake. But other times it requires a fist ready to punch.


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