Americans Dead, Injured, Held Captive – And We Do What?

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Many hundreds of people in Israel have been killed, injured, or taken captive. Some are dual US-Israel citizens. You might argue that they voluntarily undertook the burdens and risks of Israeli citizenship. I would argue that they are American citizens, period, full stop. And what about sole US citizens like tourists, students, and religious pilgrims?

What (if anything) will the Biden administration do to rescue the captives and avenge the dead and injured? Strong measures? Weak measures? Anything at all? There are many undecided voters looking forward to 2024. What the Democrats do, or don’t do, in this crisis should go a long way toward deciding the undecided.

The Democrats encouraged the attack by their weakness and tepid support of Israel. Now let’s see how they react to it. Oh yes, their words will be strong. But their actions?

There was no Middle East war under Trump. On  the contrary, there was the unprecedented Abraham Peace Accord. But in the unlikely event that this war had broken out under Trump, and Americans were killed, injured, and taken hostage, can you imagine what Trump would have done? You can imagine it? My point exactly.

SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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