More Jews Were Murdered Last Saturday Than On Any Day Since The Holocaust.

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What is the military objective of the current attacks on Israel? Occupy a specific piece of land? Destroy a specific military unit or installation? Kill a specific military or political leader? No, there is no military objective.

The objective of the current attacks is to kill Jews and take others hostage and hold them for ransom. This is painfully obvious. More Jews were murdered last Saturday than on any day since the Holocaust.

The semi-nude body of a young German-Israeli woman was paraded through the streets, while a male (not a man) beat the corpse with a stick. This is a military operation? This is a political statement? No, this is an act of pure evil, demonstrating genocidal, racist hatred. Those who try to justify such evil reveal themselves to be amoral at best and dangerous anti-Semites at worst. Such worthless defenders of evil deserve to be rejected and shunned.

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