“The Cycle Of Violence”

By | October 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Amoral idiots writing in left-wing newspapers (but I repeat myself) endlessly refer to the “cycle of violence.” The implication is that Israel and its enemies are equally guilty for the violence. This belief is ahistorical. In addition, it ignores the fact that Jew hatred is two millennia older than Israel.

One side wants the other side dead. If Palestinians disarmed tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israelis disarmed tomorrow, there would be genocide. If the current attacks on civilians – especially the young, the old, and women – tell us anything, it is that Hamas and its brothers don’t just hate Israel and want its land, they hate Jews and want their lives.

The “cycle of violence” is a convenient fiction that attempts to justify moral neutrality in the face of evil. But  if you want to see a real cycle of violence, visit a Harley-Davidson dealer.

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