Demonstrators Chant “Gas The Jews”

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Via Dennis Prager: People who entered US Capitol on January 6 repeatedly referred to by leftist press as “domestic terrorists.” But those who roam the streets of Israel killing and kidnapping men, women, and children are “militants.”

“Militant” is defined as one who is aggressive or forceful in pursuing his political aims. So Nazi SS death squads and Japanese Kempeitai prison guards were “militants” also? There is no difference, either theoretical or practical, between these World War II mass murderers and the current Hamas terrorists.

The Left is adept at condemning evil after it no longer matters. The Left thought Stalin’s gang of murderers was “the wave of the future.” Only after the Soviet Union imploded was there some shred of recognition of its crimes of induced starvation, Siberian prison colonies, and dreadful oppression.

We can hope that after Hamas is eradicated, leftists will have anything negative to say about those who want all Jews on Earth dead. But as Anderson Cooper said, hope is not a plan. Hope is what motivates us to form an effective plan and then carry it out.

Pro-Hamas demonstrators in Sydney, Australia chant “Gas the Jews.” You see my point. If you don’t, check yourself for a heartbeat.


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