Academic Anti-Semitism

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A Stanford lecturer reportedly justified the Hamas attacks on Israel, downplayed the Holocaust, and told Jewish students to stand in the back of the room because “that’s what Israel does to Palestinians.” Five points:

1) This man was at least partly responsible for radicalizing Colin Kaepernick. Hate Israel quickly becomes hate Jews, then hate Americans. Hate spreads really easily.

2) Pay serious money to send your kids to an elite university, but have them come back hating you and everything you believe in. What a deal!

3) This is an example of the Nazi practice of Sippenhaft, punishing the whole family of a dissident. American Jews who never visited Israel and are likely to be leftist Democrats – they are somehow guilty for what the Israeli government does? Really? Why isn’t this true for students of other ethnicities? Are Italian-American students blamed for Italy’s border policies? No? Why not? Why just the Jews?

4) How could a person harboring such ethnic hatred be on the faculty of a major university? Why did the administration just discover they were foisting an anti-Semite on their students? Were his leftist views so agreeable that his bigotry went unnoticed?

5) Burn the Israeli flag? Then burn the American flag. No problem.

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