“Inflation Is Over” – Say What?

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Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist, declares that we have won the fight against inflation. That is, if you exclude food, fuel, houses, rent, health care, and various other necessities of life. We look forward to similar statements by other authorities:

Medical examiner: This man is healthy, except for the .45 caliber hole in his heart.
Sheriff: The senator is honest, except for the bundles of cash in his house.
Scientist: Dr. Fauci is correct, except for this filing cabinet full of data.
Man: My marriage is rock-solid, except for my stuff my wife is throwing out the bedroom window.
Woman: My credit rating is strong, except for the repo man towing away my car.

Yes, it’s the “except for’s” that get us every time. If you exclude the necessities of life from the “cost of living,” anything is possible. It must be true – it’s in the New York Times.


Paul Krugman

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