Cornell Professor “Exhilerated, Energized” By Hamas Attacks

By | October 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

My father left Poland because he was not allowed to attend university. As a little girl, my mother hid with her family for 3 days from a Russian pogrom. Anti-Semitism is no surprise to me. What is a surprise, and a severe disappointment, is that in the year 2023, virulent anti-Semitism is expressed openly, without shame – and apparently without blowback.

Back were I come from, only a sick creep, arguably mentally ill, would openly express exhilaration at the brutal murder of women and children, even babies. That a Cornell professor would do so was unthinkable. But if he did, he would risk commitment to a locked mental ward. You see, I come from America. I’m getting really homesick. Does anyone know how I can get back there?

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