Kurt Schlichter: “Academia Needs To Go Extinct”

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Author, lawyer, Army officer: Kurt Schlichter hopes for the extinction of academia. No, not the classical academia, the center of the free speech on which knowledge depends, and free enquiry on which science depends. What raises Schlichter’s ire is the modern excuse for academia. the center of woke, racism, and now anti-Semitism.

This should be no surprise. In the 1930s universities were the hotbed of Nazism. My mother attended the University of Vienna in 1932-1933. She sat with a guy with a Nazi armband on one side, and a guy with a socialist armband on the other. She was caught in the crossfire of their glares.

On day she saw a crowd gathering. A group of young men with Nazi armbands was kicking a Jewish student down the stairs. He was trying to get to the street, where police waited. But they could not enter the campus because of a medieval charter. “Pigs off the campus” left the way open for totalitarian thugs, just as it does today.

Universities have made themselves the incubators of bad and often dangerous ideas. Whatever happens, they brought it on themselves.


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