UC Davis Professor Threatens Pro-Israel Jounalists And Their Families

By | October 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

UC Davis Asst. Prof. of American Studies Decristo threatens Jewish journalists and their families using emojis of knife, axe, and blood drops. Consider the delicious irony:
• She teaches American studies but has not the faintest idea of American values of free speech, free press, and tolerance.
• She is named Decristo but has not the faintest idea that Jesus was a Jew who lived with his family in his homeland, Israel. She is, in effect, threatening the Holy Family.

Here, if you need it, is additional proof that race hatred overcomes all values including common sense and common decency. Take out a second mortgage to send your kids to a prestigious university, where they can be indoctrinated by ignorant haters. What a deal!


UC Davis

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