Anti-Israel Rant? Surprise! Don’t Get Hired

By | October 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

Many, perhaps most, college students do not understand freedom of speech. They shoot off their mouths with anti-Israel and arguably anti-Semitic tirades, then are surprised when major firms do not hire them. The idea that their actions have consequences has not occurred to them, the way it should have occurred when they were in kindergarten. Raising kids too permissively is not doing them a favor.

  1. They want to speak as they please, but shut you up.
  2. They want to decide what is “disinformation,” then ban it.
  3. They want to decide what is “hate speech,” then ban it.
  4. They want the right to speak, but can’t understand that you have the right not to listen.
  5. They are budding totalitarians. They have the desire, but not the guts, to force their views down everyone’s throats. That you have even a shred of freedom left is not due to their good will, but to their cowardice.

Extremist students who promote Hamas find out their opinions have a cost

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