Jewish Student Feels Unsafe In Our Nation’s Capital

By | October 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

Georgetown Law student describes how pro-Palestinian rally and campus activities slip into being anti-Israel and frankly anti-Semitic, making her feel unsafe. In case you forgot, Georgetown is a top school located in our nation’s capital. If a Jewish student doesn’t feel safe there, do you think, just possibly, that we have a problem?

There are 49 majority Muslim nations in the world. But some people believe that the one majority Jewish nation is one too many and must be eliminated. What will happen to its inhabitants is not stated. Do you think, just possibly, that we have a problem?

“This anti-Semitic rhetoric includes denial of what’s happening in Israel. Essentially, Wax says, this is “denying the beheading of 40 babies, saying that the Nova incident and the music festival didn’t occur,” and “trying to say that AI is how all of this is being generated.”

“Wax herself attended a rally “under cover,” where students chanted “we don’t want no Jew state” as well as “Zionism will fall” and “globalize the intifada.”

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