“I Feel Safer In Israel Than In The USA”

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American woman who survived Hamas attack on music festival states that she feels safer in Israel than in the USA, with its pro-Hamas, anti-Israel demonstrations. Even if this is a bit of hyperbole, the idea is too bitter to contemplate.

Hamas thugs roam streets, killing men, women, and children – whole families in some cases. But immediately, before any Israeli counterattack can be mounted, pro-Hamas demonstrations occur here and elsewhere. “Cease fire” means, in effect, that they can kill all the Jews they want, but the Jews shouldn’t fight back. If there is a purer distillation of Nazi doctrine, I have yet to hear of it.

There are 49 nations with Muslim majorities, and only one with a Jewish majority. But for many leftists, this is one too many. If there is a clearer example of racism, I hope never to see it.


Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Flood Streets All Over World

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