Israeli Press Conference Shows What Hamas Is

By | October 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

Israeli press conference shows video of what Hamas is. This will affect media and academia for about…Oh wait, it won’t affect media and academia at all. They will continue to protest Israeli misdeeds, real or imagined, while ignoring Hamas and other anti-Israel atrocities. Facts vanish before the leftist agenda.

Before long the Gaza hospital bombing will enter history books, though it never occurred, just as leftists continue to assert that LAPD beat Rodney King while he was handcuffed, though they did not. Hamas proudly videoed their atrocities, but even then, the atrocities will vanish down the memory hole. Similarly, the Rodney King affair was videoed, but TV showed only part of the video, and even that was mischaracterized.

Fearing denial and disinformation, Israel shows journalists raw footage of Hamas attacks

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