UC Berkeley Instructor Offers Extra Credit For Anti-Israel Walkout

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UC Berkeley Instructor Offers Extra Credit For Anti-Israel Walkout.

UC Berkeley, my alma mater, was infiltrated by leftists even in my day. But it was not overtly anti-Semitic. Faculty did not push on students the notion that the world had room for 49 Muslim-majority nations, but it has no room for even one Jewish-majority nation.

There undoubtedly were faculty who felt negatively about Israel, or about Jews in general. But even they would hesitate to declare that Israel had no right to exist. Even they would be reticent to announce that Jews, alone of all peoples, had no right to a land of their own – a land with which they have been associated for three millennia. The connection to reality and logic was too strong for overt anti-Semitism.

But things have changed, and not for the better. Overt anti-Semitism is not just permissible, it is encouraged. Seven million Jews – half of all the Jews in the world – live in Israel. “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” From the Jordan to the Mediterranean, well, that’s all of Israel. “Free”? Free of what? Free of Jews. Judenfrei the Nazis termed it. And where will the seven million go, even if they agreed to leave? In effect, the UC faculty member is promoting genocide.

We have a musical choice. We can have “All Hail Blue and Gold,” or we can have “Panzerlied.”  But we can’t have both. I prefer the former. How about you?

UC Berkeley Instructor Offers Extra Credit to Students Who Participate in Anti-Israel Walk-Out

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