UK Has No First Amendment – How’s That Working Out?

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The UK has no First Amendment. In fact, it has no written constitution at all. For a millennium it depended on its unwritten “constitution,” the general agreement of its people on principles of freedom going back to Magna Carta in 1215. But no more. Children are taught Marxism in government schools, or even more, in private schools. Recent immigrants have no love for freedom – except their own, which they believe consists of doing whatever they please.

A city councilor was arrested in front of his family for posting on social media his support for another councilor, whose crime was pointing out that the Bible considers pride a sin. This upset proponents of Pride Month. But if that man had quoted the Koran, I’d bet serious money that police would have done nothing. You see, it’s only our values that leftists find objectionable.

Arrested in front of his family for merely supporting  someone who quotes the Bible? That’s what His Majesty’s Government is doing. But don’t feel too superior. We’re heading in that totalitarian direction and we’ll be there soon.

Police threaten man who commented about free speech, claim he’s racist

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