“Energized” And “Exhilarated”

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Cornell University cancels classes Friday because anti-Semitic threats. An engineering student was arrested for blatant internet threats to follow Jews home and slit their throats. A professor declared himself “energized” and “exhilarated” by Hamas murdering men, women, children, and even babies.

The problem is not that there are anti-Semites in Cornell, as there are in many universities and elsewhere. We knew that. The problem is that they now feel free to vent their poisonous ideas in public. Rather than whispering their hatred, they now feel – correctly – that they can shout it, and collect many slaps on the back, rather than punches in the mouth.

Face it. The world’s guilt at allowing the Holocaust to occur has dissipated. Perhaps we overestimated it in the first place. Anti-Semitic venom can now flow freely again, just as it did in the 1930s.  The haters no longer feel intimidated and can express themselves openly. And just as German and Austrian universities of the 1930s were hotbeds and incubators of Jew hatred – Judenhass – now American universities have taken that role.


And inevitably, the poison spreads. Here is Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles. What the diners there have to do with Gaza is not explained. But in fact, Gaza has been “free” since the Israeli government forcibly removed all Jews in 2005. Since then, Gaza has been judenfrei and ruled by Hamas. Of course, the misery of its people is not attributed to Hamas, who are in charge, but to the Jews, who are absent. And so it goes in Nazi Land.

Canters Deli hit with antisemitic graffiti

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