Another Transgender Triumph

By | November 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

Aren’t you proud? Don’t you feel progressive and woke? In a high school girls’ field hockey game, a male who identifies as female hit a ball into the face of a girl player, knocking out teeth and causing her to scream in pain. Surely the demolition of women’s sports is a small price to pay for us to feel good about ourselves, right? At least it wasn’t as bad as the MMA fight where the trans female sent the real female to the hospital with a concussion and facial fractures. Now that was a real triumph. which should bring true joy to the hearts (if any) of the worshipers of this new transgender god. We await the first death – excuse me, human sacrifice.

Female Field Hockey Player Suffers ‘Significant’ Injuries after Male Opponent’s Shot Strikes Her in the Face

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