“Obama Whitewashes Terrorism”

By | November 5, 2023 | 0 Comments

Obama Whitewashes Hamas Terrorism: ‘Nobody’s Hands Are Clean, All Of Us Are Complicit To Some Degree’

As Gilbert and Sullivan taught us about fame, if everyone is somebody, then no one’s anybody. It’s the same with guilt. Of course no one’s hands are entirely clean. We are all sinners. But so what?

If I occasionally exceed the speed limit, do I lose the right to condemn drunk drivers? If America’s colonial past has blemishes, do I lose the right to say that Putin can’t take over Ukraine if he feels like it? If Israel is imperfect, does this mean I can’t condemn Hamas thugs who roam the streets, murdering whole families, even babies, at random? Nonsense!

Obama’s statement echoes the leftists who excuse all criminals. It is an excuse for apathy and non-involvement. By this standard, or rather lack of standards, we should just sit on the couch, sipping Bud Light, munching snacks, and watching the game.

Stand up against homicidal fanatics? Rely on biblical principles? No, that is much too strenuous. Just let our ally Israel go down the tubes. Surely that will impress our enemies. Then maybe the bullies will leave us alone for a while. As Churchill said, then maybe the crocodile will eat us last.

They call it progressive, but it’s just apathy and cowardice, with a sprinkling of good old-fashioned anti-Semitism. Biden can’t express it coherently, but Obama – who may be the real president – says it eloquently.  It’s not the delivery we object to, it’s the ideas we find reprehensible.

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