Anti-Canineism? Wait, What?

By | November 6, 2023 | 0 Comments

Headline in The Sun, repeated verbatim on Drudge:|

“Israel to deploy ferocious attack dogs to maul Hamas tunnel terrorists as training vid shows hound on rampage.”

The military and police of many nations employ dogs, often called K9s, for many purposes: Detecting suspects, arresting suspects, cadaver search, bomb detection, etc. But “ferocious attack dogs”? Are Israeli dogs more vicious than, say, American police dogs? Are dogs owned by Jews especially ferocious?

Anti-canineism is nothing new. In the old South, dogs owned by Blacks – not black dogs – could not be buried in pet cemeteries. Interestingly, even bigots knew that the color of a dog was insignificant. Black dogs were as likely to be good dogs as dogs of other colors. But dogs owned by Black people – no way. If anything demonstrated the stupidity of racism, this was it.

But here we are in 2023, almost 2024, being fed the subliminal message that dogs owned by Jews are particularly vicious. Okay, bring it on. Call me any filthy name you can come up with. I’ve been insulted by experts. And I have scars from Army Reserve duty. You don’t scare me. But leave my dog alone. She knows more about loyalty than the whole bunch of you leftist jerks put together. Anti-canineism is too stupid even for hate-filled bigots.

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